‘Finding the North’ holds information on a collection of key literary archives housed within the North East of England. The website is supported by funding from the British Academy and created by Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts (NCLA).

This website explores the complex ways in which the North East region is imagined and represented by the writers who have lived there, and how an investigation of what it means to be a regional writer can complicate our sense of the region.

Researchers from Newcastle University visited and studied each of the archives featured here in order to compile the information on this website. We are very keen to provide as thorough a collection of literary archives in the North East as possible. If you are aware of any other literary archives in the North East that are not featured here, please do get in touch with our researchers at ncenla@ncl.ac.uk, who will be happy to hear from you.

‘Finding the North’ is part of the NCLA community of websites and is designed to promote the wealth of literary archives in the North East of England on a global platform, showcasing the rich and diverse range of material accessible and available to the public.